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Are There Any Positives of Redundancy?

Are There Any Positives of Redundancy?

In our latest blog, we tackled the (not very) pleasant subject of redundancy. It’s not an enjoyable topic, but it is an inescapable fact of business. The furlough scheme has been of great benefit to many people and has deferred the need for redundancy. But, it is due to end in October, and a spike in redundancies is likely. At Dynamic, we have a range of support services for employers needing to make redundancies, including seminars, CV writing and job interview tuition.

Redundancy is inherently a negative topic, but it did make us wonder if there can be any positives for the employee. Here are a few points to consider.

  • Do you love your current job? If not, maybe this is the push you need to go and find something better or different. Sometimes it’s just easier to stay in a role, you don’t enjoy, than leave. Redundancy could be the start of your new career. You may even be able to negotiate a retraining element into your redundancy package and learn new skills.
  • Have you considered working for yourself? Taking the plunge from the security of a regular income is terrifying. It’s the main reason that people don’t do it. Your redundancy package could be the safety net you need to have a go on your own.
  • If you enjoy your current role and company, it’s easy to lose track of your worth on the open market. You may find the going rate for someone with your skills is higher than your current salary, so doing the same job for another company may give you a pay rise.

Staying positive, after redundancy, is the key to your future success. At Dynamic Recruitment, we’ve worked with many people in the same situation as you. We know there will be an opportunity for you somewhere, so call us now on 07827470274 to see how we can help.


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