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Back to the Grind?

Ah, it’s been ages. How’ve you been? When was the last time we saw each other? Can’t believe we haven’t seen each other in person for so long. So, how was the lockdown for you? I learned how to make sourdough, until my starter went off. It’s like having another pet. How much more did you spend on food and alcohol each week? Amazing how great the weather was though wasn’t it? Imagine being locked down in our usual drizzle and cold….

Yep. It’s back to work time. All over the country, everyone is having the same conversations. Maybe you’re relishing the opportunity to get back and find out all about Janet in accounts’ ventures into home winemaking. Geoff in sales may have a hilarious anecdote about trimming his bush in the back garden. Or maybe you think it’s time for a change.

The Covid lockdown has created breathing space for many of us to take stock of our lives. Spending time off the hamster wheel has reminded many people about the important things in life. Some people have realised they want to be able to work from home more often. Others have enjoyed gaining back their commuting time. Sadly, the negative way that some companies have treated their staff during the furlough period has made them want to work elsewhere.

So, how do you search for a new job while the Covid restrictions are still in place? Firstly, it pays to build relationships with recruitment agencies. The majority of jobs are still filled via the agency route, so they need to get to know you. As there are many recruitment agencies to choose from, it’s worth talking to friends or former colleagues to get their recommendations. You could also look for companies who put out high-quality content in the form of blogs as well *ahem*.

Whichever agencies you choose to work with, they need to understand your experience and skills. A good recruiter should be able to see how your skills could transfer to other companies or sectors. By the end of the initial meeting, they should know the types of companies and roles that will match your requirements.


The CV

Before you can do anything more with your job search, you’re going to need a fully functioning CV. Googling “CV formatting” is a pointless exercise nowadays as there are millions of opinions about them. And they’re all right and wrong, at the same time. The bad news is that there is no standard, unified, agreed-upon format for a CV. The good news is that this means you can innovate a little.

Now, don’t go all Salvador Dali. Although there isn’t a defined format for a CV, there are structures that work well. We recommend the following framework:

  • Profile Summary
  • Career Achievements Summary
  • Work History
  • Educational Summary
  • Interests & Hobbies

Also, don’t get hung up on the page length, too much. There is a myth about it being no more than two pages. We don’t subscribe to that school of thought. It needs to be as long as it needs to be to get across the information you want. Having said that, if it’s more than four pages, there’s a good chance the reader won’t read any further. Two to four pages are ideal.



Once your CV is published and floating around the internet, you should start to have more conversations with recruiters or hiring companies. Eventually, you’ll be invited to attend an interview.

This is one area that Covid has transformed. Social distancing is still in place, and companies are limiting the number of people entering their premises. As such, they are using video a lot more in their recruitment processes.

A couple of years ago, this may have been a terrifying prospect for many people. Although video communication has been around for many years, it hasn’t been a mainstream method of communication. However, the Covid lockdown has allowed many of us to become “Zoom Masters”.

Nowadays, all job hunters need to be skilled in video interviewing. Most recruiters are conducting their initial pre-screens by video, so there is an opportunity to practice with them.

At Dynamic Recruitment, we recognise the need for recruiters to work closely with candidates. We regularly run CV writing seminars with small groups of candidates and train people in the best interviewing techniques.

Contact us on 07827470274 to chat with one of our team about how we can help with your job search. Also, check out some of our live vacancies here.

Alternatively, let us know how Geoff’s bush is getting on.

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