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Returning to Work – Are you ready?

Returning to Work – Are you ready?

In our last blog we looked at the Government’s guidelines for businesses that will be reopening in the coming weeks.

In case you missed it, this is the link to the article that you should definitely read

To make sure you actually read it, we came up with a short quiz to test you on the knowledge you gained.

For example, is Tesco’s Finest Avocado and Lime handwash (in the nice bottle), better or worse than alcohol hand gel for disinfecting your hands?

Does educating your staff on correct hygiene procedures involve more than slapping the work experience kid on the hand when he picks his nose?

And, is remote working about teaching an elderly relative how to get Netflix on their TV?

*Spoiler alert* – the answers are Worse, Yes and No respectively. In case you weren’t sure. Although encouraging Dean not to pick his nose in public is to be encouraged regardless of any pandemic.

On a serious note, it is essential to understand how you can make your workplace as safe as possible for your staff and customers, so please read the Government’s advice here

At Dynamic, we’ve implemented a work-from-home policy for the past few weeks. Now, in preparation for bringing everyone back to the office, we’re adjusting our office layout to keep everyone at a safe distance from each other. We’ve also implemented hourly cleaning routines and making sure PPE is available for staff and visitors.

Stay safe.

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