By admin 22 May 2020

Top Three Tips to Being a Video-Calling Pro

In our latest blog, we looked at the skills a job seeker and the hiring company will both need in the future. We also accidentally created a mental picture of Grandad acting out Fifty Shades of Grey in a family video-call game of charades. Apologies to any of our loyal followers who were distressed by that.

For the future skills, we concluded that recruiters, candidates and clients would all need to be proficient at video calling in the post-Covid world. Large parts of the recruitment process are currently being transferred to video, and it’s becoming more normalised as a tool.

The problem is that, unless you work in TV or are a YouTuber (yes, it’s a career nowadays), talking into a camera is weird. It’s unnatural and not something that we’re used to doing. As such, most people don’t come across well or shy away from it completely. So we’ve put together our top three tips for mastering the art of video calling:

1. Knowledge is Power
The first step is to become familiar with the various platforms like Zoom, WhatsApp, Skype and Google Meets. Set accounts up with all of them, so you’re always ready to go, no matter which platform. They all have mobile versions as well so get those installed on your phone, so you can react to a request immediately.

2. Practice, Practice, Practice
Now you have your video apps set up, use them. Ask friends or family members to have a call with you and just get used to chatting on camera. Seeing yourself in a window is distracting, and learning the other features they all have is tricky while you’re trying to have a sensible conversation.

3. Be the Star of Your Show
As we mentioned in our blog, you may not always have a two-way conversation with someone. You might have to record yourself answering some questions, which is tricky, even for a seasoned pro. Get your CV to hand, think of some likely questions you may be asked and record yourself answering them. Then watch it back and learn what to do better. You’ll cringe and hate it. But you’ll see what works and what doesn’t.

For more information on video calling or if you’d like to practice on us, contact us

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