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Top Tips for Remote Onboarding

In our latest blog we talked about recruiting in the post-lockdown world. Somehow, we managed to also cover diverse topics from the emergence of sourdough as a new man-hobby, through to elderly parents acting out wholly inappropriate film titles during family Zoom-charades.

However, one of the serious points we uncovered (yes, there were some) was the emergence of video as an essential tool for clients, candidates and recruiters to master.

Video is nothing new in recruitment, but it has been on the fringes of the usual recruitment tools. Now, the Covid lockdown has thrust it firmly into the centre stage as a mainstream method.

Apart from using it in the assessment and interview parts of the recruitment process, it can be used well in onboarding a new hire. So, here are our top tips for remote onboarding:

1) Video calls conducted from home
With video calls being conducted from home, there is a naturally less-formal feel to them. It’s hard to be intimidated by someone when they’re surrounded by their child’s princess castle! Use the opportunity for managers to talk with new hires in an informal setting.

2) Involve other team members
Involve other team members as well. A group call with two or three other team members is an excellent way for your new hire to get to know their new workmates. Keep it to a small group, though. Thrusting your new hire into a Zoom call with ten other people will be uncomfortable.

3) Record a welcome message
Record a welcome message from the MD that new hires can access as part of their induction pack. You could also record other videos covering the health and safety parts of the induction and a tour around the building.

With a little imagination, companies can use video to significant effect. Here at Dynamic Recruitment, we’re using it regularly in our candidate assessments. Find out how you can benefit by contacting us.

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